Chongqing Hot Pot

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Hot pot - is the most famous and favorite dish in Chongqing


Chongqing Hot Pot
Hot pot - is the most famous and favorite dish in Chongqing. Chongqing local people consider the hot pot a local specialty, which is noted for its peppery and hot taste, scalding yet fresh and tender. People gather around a small pot boiled with charcoal, electric or gas filled with flavorful and nutritious soup base. You have a choice of spicy, pure and combo for the soup base. Thin sliced raw variety meat, fish, various bean curd products and all kinds of vegetables are boiled in the soup base. You then dip them in a little bowl of special sauce. Be careful since the spicy soup base is burning hot.
First eaten by poor boatmen of the Yangtze River in Chongqing area and then spread westwards to the rest of Sichuan. Now is a very popular local flavor and can be found at every corner of the city. There are a great variety of hotpots, including Yueyang Hotpot, Four Tastes Hotpot, Yashan Hotpot and Fish Head Hotpot. If you are adventurous enough, you can basically cook anything with hot pot, e.g., pig's brain and duck's kidney.
Chongqing people love their hotpot, especially when the weather is steamy. The fire dances under the pot, the heavily oiled and spiced soup boils with hazy steam, and the people are bathed in sweat. Although hotpot can be found wherever there are street vendors or small restaurants, chongqing Hot pot has the greatest variety and is known for its delicious soup base and dipping sauce.
Chongqing Malatang:
The other famous local food is hot and spicy Mala Tang. Literally, "ma" means numbness in the mouth, "la" is chili hot and "tang" means piping hot. Mala Tang, with various raw ingredients cooked in a communal pot of steaming stock blended with spices, originated in Sichuan's largest city, Chongqing. The double-sided soup pot, placed on a central table burner, is the focal point of the meal. Powerfully hot Mala Tang soup and fresh tasting chicken broth, side by side, are popular. Ingredients include fresh sliced abalone, sea cucumber, hog tendon, Beijing cabbage and beef dumpling, prawns, carp fish fillet, bean curd, chicken fillet and vegetables. The excellent dipping mixture of sesame oil, chili sauce, peanut sauce, chopped chilies and garlic combine to make magic. Savory tidbits are appetizingly tasty - egg coated glutinous square, crispy spring roll, fried buns, eight treasure black rice and water chestnut jelly.


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